Feed the Birds!

It's been an extremely cold winter here in Ontario this year. SUET AND SUNFLOWER SEED CAN SAVE LIVES! Normally, a birdfeeder is just a convenient supplement to birds' regular wild diet, but in extremely cold conditions, your offerings just may determine whether a chickadee makes it through the night or not. HIGH FAT, HIGH-QUALITY SUET AND BIRDSEED PRODUCTS can really help the backyard birds in extremely cold weather. WE HAVE THE BEST! Pop in for a new feeder too!

Welcome to Featherfields.

There are few shops better tailored to
the love of the outdoors than Featherfields,
The Bird and Garden Store, located in
London, Ontario. It is a haven for bird-
lovers and gardeners ...more


Think Easter!

Pop in for Easter decor, chocolate, napkins, cards, and more! Easter is April 5!

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Hyde Park

1570 Hyde Park Road Unit #5
London, ON N6H 5L5 - (519) 474-1165
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Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-5:30pm Saturday 10am-5pm | Sunday 12-4pm

email: Featherfields@featherfields.com

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